Large PLUS Conference Package

Large PLUS Conference Package


Our Large Plus Conference Package can accommodate up to 200 delegates with its upgraded powerful speakers it’s sure to deliver crisp, clear sound! Suitable for any large function room, board room or hotel.  Available to hire with or without setup in Hertfordshire.

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Why not upgrade to this package for the ultimate conference experience, we offer all that’s needed for any significant corporate event, with bigger speakers that can be placed around the room, you’re attendees will certainly be able to hear what’s being presented at the front of the room. The 2 Radio mics make question time easy with their long-range.

What’s Included?

Qty 4 – 12′ Active PA Speakers
Qty 4 – Speaker Stands
Qty 4 – IEC Power Leads
Qty 4 – XLR Speaker Connection Cable
Qty 1 – Lectern Microphone
Qty 1 – Lectern Microphone Connection Cable
Qty 2 – Radio Microphone & Receiver
Qty 2 – Radio Microphone Power Unit
Qty 2 – Radio Microphone Connection Cable
Qty 1 – Mixing Desk
Qty 1 – Mixing Desk Power Unit
Qty 1 – Laptop Audio Connection Cable

Suitable for up to 200+ delegates