DJ Max

DJ Max

A high class and quality corporate DJ perfect for birthdays, private functions, english and asian weddings.

Available with the following packages:

  • Party DJ Package
  • Premier Package
  • Premier PLUS Package
  • Gold Event Package


DJ Max doesn’t just DJ but has the equipment to show for it too! Available in our Premier and Premier Plus range he will be sure to impress with his varied music knowledge and his friendly personality getting involved in the night and joining you for the fun.

Max works closely with his DJ partner Marcus at their own events company and is focused on delivering high-quality events with professional entertainment at a fair price delivering great value for money with their experience and fun DJ style.

Max has experience in all styles of weddings including Asian weddings as well as parties for the 20s and 30s generation with knowledge of club music and the old school disco genre airing regularly on his radio show every week.