Our new DJ Booth is available for dry hire across Watford and Hertfordshire for events and can also be added on to your DJ hire package.

Today our new DJ Booth arrived ready for the weekend’s entertainment, we had to unpack it and give you a sneak peek as we’re now including it in all our packages. The booth itself is made by Equinox who we got our original booth from, they offer a range of equipment but this lightweight booth has become a top competitor compared to the S&H booths which cost a lot more and weigh more.

Our review of the Equinox DJ Booth on YouTube

The booth itself is a great piece of kit, it includes an LED starcloth that can do a range of patterns or colours or just stay at a single colour e.g white for weddings and corporate events. It also includes a white lycra cover so the both transforms into a white wedding DJ booth. From the pictures below you’ll see what a great piece of kit it is and it’s now available in all our packages.

The Equinox DJ Booth with the blue LEDs.

This booth only takes around 5-10 minutes to set up when you have space and can be transported easily due to its lightweight design, it also includes a carry bag which unfortunately the strap broke holding the bit’s inside in our one but everything else was excellent. This would easily fit in the back of a car with the seats down so is great for amateur and professional DJs.