Music Tailors Wedding BandGuestlist, check.. Drinks, check.. Venue, check.. Entertainment, DOH!

So you’ve planned your big wedding day but haven’t planned your evening entertainment, not to worry we’ve got a great recommendation for you. The Music Tailors, they are a hand crafted band and live musical agency built by inspiring musicians Florian Cooper and Fergus Marr.

When it comes to musical agencies sometimes you worry that they’ll just pick any instrumentalist and send them along to your event, well with the Music Tailors that isn’t the case, they’ve worked with their team of guitar players, drummers, trumpet players, pianist.. (the list goes on) throughout their music career and have a great personal relationship with them so it won’t be just any band that turns up. It will be their hand picked team of musical specialists.

They can provide you with the following live band setups. A string quartet, a selection of violinist and cello players whose repertoire ranges from classical through to jazz and pop. Beat that Vanessa Mae! They also have a Jazz Ensemble, who will take you back to that wonderful era of swing, a Function Band that plays everything from pop to RnB plus a Pianist and a Soul outfit. You really are spoilt for choice with the Music Tailors.

So why not pop over to their website today or give Florian and Fergus a call.

Music Tailors – Function Band plus more!