The days of boring corporate events in Watford are gone, modern companies now want to celebrate and party after all the hard work their staff put in and the achievements they make. When a new product hits the market that has been in the making for several months a product launch is the moment the customers, marketing team and press get a sneak peek of how this new gizmo or consumable is going to change the world. To get the point across a lot of glamorous brand promoting goes into the launch, around the venue lots of TV screens will be pushing the companies brand and what they are about. The product itself will be launched in a wave of special effects of smoke and lighting with dramatic sounds, the crowd and press will then be introduced to the product and the party will begin. Complimentary champagne and drinks will be supplied and sometimes even a superstar DJ is there to get the party going, lots of lovely promo girls (if you don’t know what they are you will) will be dancing around and after a while, you might even forget why you are there; however, the goodbye goodie bags will be sure to remind you when you wake up with a slightly bumping hangover and a bag full of branded goodies by your bedside.

All in all, when a corporate event is to take place there are a few key musts, these are to ensure everyone has a good time and you get your product or message across. The first of these key musts is venue presentation, a theme is the buzz word whether it be modern and technologically driven or a funky theme like the wild west. You can find lots of great corporate event themes on Pinterest which has a range of ideas to get your mind bubbling. Try to find something that suits your product or party and is something new that hasn’t been done before, this will make ‘your’ product launch or party the talking point for the weeks to come. The next step is the hospitality, whether that be drinks, food or just nibbles. However try not to send your lowest-paid staff to Costco with the staff credit card in hope they come back with a range of nibbles for everyone, getting a real caterer onboard is the difference between soggy sausage rolls and luxury canapés. To decide on your caterer don’t just take their word for it, try out their menus and speak to their former clients. Some example catering menus that we supply can be found on our catering page.

The final must for your corporate party or product launch is the celebration, whether this is a sit-down meal with a speech with a lot of clapping and cheesy jokes or a party and a nights evening entertainment so everyone can celebrate the difference you have made to the world and really let their hair down now all the hard work is done. This can be achieved with live bands, DJs and discos or some specialist entertainment, if your going for a wild west theme why not get in some cowgirl entertainment or if a modern theme with a lot of branding you can hire a promotional team in branded clothing.

All in all to ensure your corporate event in Watford succeeds whether it be a party with a DJ, a product launch or a conference; good planning is the key! If you do have any queries or questions on what to and how to take the next steps planning your corporate event contact our team and they will talk you through all the options.