When you want to celebrate but wallets are tight it’s a hard decision whether to have a party, maybe get a nice present or to just go for a meal. It’s even more of a hard decision when it’s a special occasion for someone as you want to make sure they have a good night with their friends but don’t have the money. All of your family members are coming up with suggestions as well of do this and do that and it can just push you to breaking point. This has been the story for so many of our clients who wanted to have a party but couldn’t afford the cost of a DJ, to overcome this we’ve come up with the budget DIY DJ party pack. There was a lot of talk in the office of the best way to provide a party while keeping the price down and also making sure the party was still enjoyable so we threw together a few ideas and came up with this hire package. It overcomes the costs of an expensive DJ by the customer simply telling us what songs they would like and then we get them all pre-loaded onto a laptop, it then also obviously includes an amplifier and speakers so you have something to play them out of.

To make it even easier we have literally set up the easiest DIY party package, all the cables are labelled, you are talked through how to set everything up and given a guide. All our customers have said they’ve been astonished literally just how easy it is to use this party package, some of them have never touched any audio equipment in their life. The laptop is literally a switch on and press play system with inbuilt automatic DJ software that fades the songs in and out. We have also thrown in disco lights completely free of charge. Our recent clients Gemma & Lance booked up the package twice due to its ease of use. Have a look today at our DIY Budget DJ Party Package that costs only £95. It includes two PA speakers, a power amplifier, a DJ laptop and four disco lights.