Our new mobile disco and DJ packages now include a brand new feature, an online party planning system with event planning and requests. What make our party planning system perfect for your mobile disco in Watford or across Hertfordshire is the fact that your guests can login too and add their requests the party and you can even have a list of do not plays as well. The party planning login comes free with all bookings and means you can add the finer details of your event down to timing of speeches, arrival and announcements of guests and what songs to play and when!

Event Planning Watford

Have a look at our new event planning system free to all guests!

This feature is great for the facebook and twitter generation who love sharing with their friends and gives their friends their own personal login. The client can also delete and change their friends song requests and holds overall control of the event planning but with friends input you can help build up the atmosphere and excitement before your party.

To login to our event planning system all you have to do is visit..

Client Login Details:

Your master login to adjust the playlist and event schedule.

Guest Login Details:

To share with your guests please give them the following login details. They can then access the request database and put in their own song choices.
You hold overall control of the event with the vendor login above.


“So when booking your next party or mobile disco in watford make sure it’s with Your Event UK and our brand new event planning system”